Our Services

Web Automation
Bots in Python

With help of powerful and most popular programming language python, we make automation bots that solves most of your boring tasks in fastest possible time. Python, a widely used language has made a great possibility to automate heavy and boring stuffs. We allow our customers to submit what they want done and we review their request. Once we see possibility of getting it done perfectly, we send a positive signal to our client.

Custom Web Application
Using PHP 7, Laravel,
mySQL and Javascript

With help of powerful and secure web application development MVC framework, we develop quality maintained pixel perfect web application based on your demand. Duration of a development process takes about a week or even more, depending on your project requirements. If you need your already developed script tweaked or HTML template to be made dynamic with help of PHP language, we have extensive support available for that too.

Custom Software
Using Visual C# and .Net Framework

We develop desktop application for companies with help of Microsoft's .NET Framework and C# as the programming language. Due to having a huge number of users who are using computers with Microsoft windows based operating system, C# and .NET framework is mostly used for making GUI based software based on customer needs.

Data Driven Automation

We provide automated solution for large dataset collection from various sources and resources available on the internet like LinkedIn user email lead generation, area specific email address collection, target data collection from property listing websites etc. Use cases can be even more than described in the site. Since data is most important for everyone, we have better solution for automating the collection and crawling of the data.